Thursday, February 21, 2013

Other People's Stupidity - Feb. 21st, 2013

A British employee of a novelty company that makes stress balls obviously didn't take his work home with him: he was charged with assaulting his boss and threatening "to cut" co-workers after he was fired. According to the Daily Mail, 44-year-old Darren Baldwin posted bail and faces sentencing for the incident at the factory where he used to ship the stress-reducing items.

A man found himself in handcuffs Monday afternoon, after allegedly sparking a fight with his girlfriend because he had an itch he just had to scratch.
The Sheriff’s Office tells WWSB-TV, 30-year-old Ron Howard was on his couch when he casually scratched himself. Ronald’s girlfriend allegedly flew off the handle over his "disgusting" behavior. Howard told cops his girlfriend punched him in the eye and he pushed her away while defending himself. During the fray, the girlfriend reportedly suffered a scratch on her ankle, which was enough proof responding deputies needed to arrest him for misdemeanor battery.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Other People's Stupidity with King

  • A mom in New York, has been charged with five counts of endangering the welfare of a child after allegedly throwing her teenage son what his friends undoubtedly thought was the GREATEST 16th birthday party in the history of EVER!
The Glens Falls Post-Star reports the 33-year-old mother allegedly arranged for a pair of strippers to entertain her son and his friends at a party in a private room at a local bowling alley in November, however proof of the "entertainment" was slowly leaked to the authorities via social media posts.
One of the posted pics purportedly shows a guest seated in a chair, with a bra-and-thong-clad stripper upside down on top of him. Cops say guests as young as 13 were on hand at the party.

Maybe the mom was just teaching her son the type of girls to stay away from. A good lesson to learn early on. She’s mom of the year right now to me…

  • Two brothers celebrating a 75 thousand dollar Kansas lottery win Friday night accidentally touched off an explosion in their house, as they enjoyed the lovely refreshments of weed and meth…

According to WPXI-TV, fuel from butane torches the men were using to light a bong leaked and was ignited by their stove's pilot light, causing an explosion that left a 27-year-old man with second-degree burns on his upper body. His girlfriend dropped off the injured man at the local hospital, while still wearing a Kansas State Lottery t-shirt

Meanwhile, cops served a search warrant at what was left of the residence, and arrested the other brother, who admitted to possessing the drugs after trying to flee the scene.

It would be rather funny if the judge set bail at 75 thousand dollars…
King's History Lesson for February 20th, 2013
  • 1792  President Washington signed an act creating the U.S. Post Office. They still had Saturday deliveries back then.
  • 1839  Congress prohibited dueling in the District Of Columbia. All future disputes were legally obligated to be resolved using Rock, Paper, Scissors.
  • 1976  KISS had their footprints immortalized in cement outside Grauman's Chinese Theater in Hollywood. Due to the 2-foot high platform boots they wore, several people have been tragically lost

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Why waste your money, my time, and my paitence

I love going to concerts.

    Letting loose, kicking back, relaxing and rocking out, having a few beers and just having a great time with great people. However, in my last few concert going experiences I’ve noticed a trend that is confusing to me and is also rather infuriating.

The overly drunk and/or high individual.

    Now, obviously, these people have always been a part of the concert-going experience. You could always pick them out of the crowd, and laugh at them for their proud public displays of stupidity. Fuck, people watching is half the fun of the concert-going experience. What’s getting to me is that what was once just a handful of retards has quickly become a significant portion of the crowd. Concerts ain’t cheap and neither is the beer and booze at the venues. So why burn all that cash to act like a shithead and pass out before the big show even goes off?
   Same goes for you weed smokers and acid-droppers. I’m never going to fault someone for taking a few puffs at a concert. That’s almost a tradition at this point in America. However, much like the booze, there seems to be people who just want to smoke themselves retarded and miss the event they paid to be at.
   You acid-tripping goofy dancing fuckers need to just get right the fuck out. No one wants to see your shitty interpretive dancing. You suck. You smell. No one likes you. Leave. If you bring your waiving arms and odd pelvic thrusts towards me, I will hit you.

    I hope this isn’t the wave of the future and that the overly drunk/high concert goofball isn’t the latest trend. However, I know better…

Monday, August 13, 2012

  • This is the new single from Three Days Grace called "Chalk Outline". It comes out tomorrow, August 14th, and is off their October 12th release, "Transit of Venus". Right off the bat, let me just say, yea... i'm totally fu*king digging it. Granted, there's not a lot of 3DG stuff I DON'T like, but i'm always prepared to be disappointed with new music. I am not disappointed with this single.

Friday, August 10, 2012

First Post of Insanity... aaaaand GO!

  • Tyrann "Honey Badger" Mathieu has been kicked off of LSU's football team for violating team and school rules. Rumors are it was because of a third failed drug test. Apparently, "Honey Badger" doesn't give a sh*t, and does what he wants... which is apparently doing a lot of drugs and putting a significant dent into his football career.

  • Beck is releasing a new album called "Song Reader", and that title is your first hint as to what is in store. The 20-track album will be unlistenable... literally. Each track will be released as sheet music and if you'd like to take a listen to it, well, you had better be pretty fu*king good at playing some instruments. I get that Beck is weird and subject to do stuff like this... but c'mon man! Either release some music or don't. Stop with this goofy hipster sh*t...

 Rambling Thought: I know a lot of people sh*t on Rob Zombie's music and movies (you have a point with the movies), but to me, the music Zombie puts out has always been mindless, chaotic, sex-filled fun (unlike his movies). His shows are always entertaining and it's nigh impossible to leave a Zombie concert feeling disappointed. Yes, i understand the songs have little to no substance but I also understand that that's kind of the point. Who doesn't want some nonsense in their lives? With everything else we have to deal with as people, having a few beers, rocking out to "Superbeast" and having a hot girl dance to "Pussy Liquor" makes tolerating the normal, sane world just a little bit easier...