Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Why waste your money, my time, and my paitence

I love going to concerts.

    Letting loose, kicking back, relaxing and rocking out, having a few beers and just having a great time with great people. However, in my last few concert going experiences I’ve noticed a trend that is confusing to me and is also rather infuriating.

The overly drunk and/or high individual.

    Now, obviously, these people have always been a part of the concert-going experience. You could always pick them out of the crowd, and laugh at them for their proud public displays of stupidity. Fuck, people watching is half the fun of the concert-going experience. What’s getting to me is that what was once just a handful of retards has quickly become a significant portion of the crowd. Concerts ain’t cheap and neither is the beer and booze at the venues. So why burn all that cash to act like a shithead and pass out before the big show even goes off?
   Same goes for you weed smokers and acid-droppers. I’m never going to fault someone for taking a few puffs at a concert. That’s almost a tradition at this point in America. However, much like the booze, there seems to be people who just want to smoke themselves retarded and miss the event they paid to be at.
   You acid-tripping goofy dancing fuckers need to just get right the fuck out. No one wants to see your shitty interpretive dancing. You suck. You smell. No one likes you. Leave. If you bring your waiving arms and odd pelvic thrusts towards me, I will hit you.

    I hope this isn’t the wave of the future and that the overly drunk/high concert goofball isn’t the latest trend. However, I know better…

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